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Manage online security of your kids

Manage time and suitability of the applications

Application Guard helps you manage time kids spend with apps and which ones they use.

Control inappropriate web content

With Web Guard and Safe Search only allowed web content will be displayed.

Locate your child

Check the current location of your kids, create personalized zones and set up alerts via Child Locator with Geofencing feature.

Making the internet a safer place

Award-winning protection

Independent evaluators put ESET among the best in the industry, shown also by the record number of Virus Bulletin’s VB100 awards.

Made in European Union

ESET values, like integrity, reliability and independence, all stem from our European roots and are safeguarded by our private ownership structure.

State-of-the-art technology

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and a cloud-based reputation system are just some of the cutting-edge tools developed in our 13 R&D centers.

Global presence

We have been protecting you for 30 years on five continents. Our 22 worldwide offices serve 110 million users who trust our experience and reputatation.

What's inside

Protect your kids on the web

Rely on the features that help you protect children from inappropriate online content.

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List of most visited domains
Shows the top visited websites for the last 7 days.

Web Guard
The app automatically blocks predefined website categories, such as adult or offensive content, based on the child’s age. You can decide to block additional categories or specific website addresses (URLs). Includes Safe Search that helps categorize results from search engines and blocks inappropriate content from search results.

Monitoring-only mode for websites
Don’t want to block content right away?
Activate the monitoring mode and receive reports on the websites the child visits.

Provide detailed summary of each of the children’s device usage and online activities for the last 30 days.

Know what apps your kids use and when

Our app-usage features help you make decisions on how children spend time using an Android smartphone or tablet.

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Application Guard
Automatically blocks inappropriate applications based on the Google Play content rating.

Time-based app control
Set maximum usage time for the given day, and prohibit access to Fun & Games category during specific hours – such as during sleep time or school time.

Monitoring-only mode for apps
Switch to monitoring-only mode for app categories and specific apps when you don’t want to automatically block apps based on the ESET Parental Control for Android categories.

Instant Block
Immediate block of device activities. Block either Fun & Games applications or All applications (Only emergency calls will be available)

Child-friendly communication

Allows you to have an honest dialogue with the child and build trust in the process.

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Child-centered interface and communication
Communication takes place via a specially-designed child-friendly interface, using a respectful tone and explaining what is happening and why. We believe in openness. The kid on whose device our product is installed always knows the scope of parental control activities in effect.

Unblock request
The child can send a request to allow access to specific apps or websites – directly from the blocking screen. The parent will receive the notification by email, through the app (in parental mode), or via my.eset.com.

Kids-facing side of the app
Upon clicking on the app’s icon, the child will see the current status – how much time is left for playing games, as well as what’s being currently monitored on their device.

Reach your kids any time

Get through to the kid on the device and take the guesswork out of the child’s whereabouts.

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Battery Protector
Setup battery level, when device will block all Fun&Games applications to save battery for main accessibility.

Child locator
Check the child’s current location at any time via my.eset.com or Application in Parent mode. This feature displays the location of any and all of the kids’ devices connected to the Internet.

Allows parents to set up zones and sends alerts when the child oversteps them.

Easily manage Parental Control across Android devices

Do it all from one place − always know what’s happening and interact with the child.

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One family = One license
Each license is linked with my.eset.com account, with the same credentials used to activate the application on all children’s and parent devices. In addition, the portal serves as a hub for managing the app and reports.

Synchronization with my.eset.com
See the summarized reports and the current status of all children’s profiles and devices on my.eset.com.

The parent-facing side
Similar to my.eset.com, the Parent mode lets you manage directly from your smartphone all children’s profiles across all their devices protected by ESET Parental Control for Android.

One Family shares a single license

Choose between child or parent mode, when you are installing the application. Manage all associated devices by logging to your parental account viamy.eset.com. Add multiple child devices, child profiles or upgrade your license at the same place.

Existing customer?

Manage your licenses

Log into your my.eset.com account to check your licenses validity, enlarge, transfer and manage existing licenses.

license manager
We value your loyalty

That is why we made your license renewal process easy and fast. And as a bonus, you get 30% OFF if you renew now!

Looking for help?

All ESET products come with free technical support. Our support teams are spread locally and speak your language.


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