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ESET Small Business Security


Easily lock, track and locate devices in case of loss or theft.

Safe Banking

Ensure safe online banking and transactions, plus protection from keyloggers.


Evade scams and fake websites attempting to access sensitive information.

Unlimited VPN

Secure your connection and prevent unwanted tracking with an anonymous IP address.

Secure Data

Protect the data of your company and customers with powerful encryption.

Safe Server

Safeguard data on all general and network file storage servers running on Windows Server.

Making the internet a safer place

Easy to install and easier to use

Easy to install and easier to use—all thanks to ESET HOME: the complete security management platform.

Monitor the security status

Monitor the security status of your business at any time.

Share your protection

Effortlessly share your protection with coworkers and employees.

Receive important security alerts

Receive important security alerts via our mobile application.

What's inside

Supported operating systems

A short listing of supported operating systems, to let you easily identify if this product bundle would be suitable for your company environment.

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ESET Small Business Security and VPN run on any computer with Microsoft Windows® 10, 11 and higher operating systems.

ESET Safe Server runs on Windows Server 2019 and higher operating systems.

ESET Cyber Security and VPN run on macOS 11 and higher operating systems.

VPN and Password Manager run on iOS 11 and higher operating systems.

ESET Mobile Security, VPN and Password Manager run on Android 6.0 and higher operating systems. Password Manager Autofill feature is supported from Android 8.0 and higher operating systems.

An Internet connection is required. ESET Smart TV Security runs on Google TV OS with Google Play Store.

For compatibility with the latest version of mobile operating systems, please check www.eset.com.

ESET is a reliable security solution that is easy to manage… the business benefits from the extra protection and less downtime.

Brian Keenes, IT Manager, Red Lea Chickens Pty Ltd

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